(English) TV Show Review: Castle, In the Belly of the Beast, 6×17

(Spoilers, Spoilers everywhere if you haven’t seen the episode yet) (And if you didn’t… What are you waiting for exactly ?)

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That was « the biggest episode », the one we read about for days in so many blogs and articles, the spoilers and sneak peeks made our hearts raced and finally it is here, this 6×17 of Castle.

So, not need for suspense, this episode is quite the perfection. Maybe a bit too predictable but it was necessary for the evolution of the show so forgivable. A narcotic captain asks for Beckett’s help to go to a meeting instead of his C.I in an hotel to see the face of some drugs dealers. Two hours max, she’ll be home for dinner,… Well, obviously nothing goes according to the plan and she’s abducted before arriving to the meeting. Events get pretty bad quickly and Beckett is on her own to get the hell out of this crap.

If you weren’t already completely in love/completely in admiration/completely stunned by Stana Katic, now we are all at the same page. Playing an adorable Beckett at the beginning with Castle or a broken Beckett at the end when she realised that the next time she sees Bracken one of them is not going to make it alive, she’s amazing. And between all the scenes when she’s undercover it’s tough to pick a favorite scene. Physically she is extraordinary when they check that she doesn’t wear a wire (you can feel all her emotions while she doesn’t move or speak at all) or obviously her « interrogation » (that’s great she will have a subject of conversation with Ryan). But emotionally, the best scene of the episode (and one of the best scene ever on the show) is the letter’s one. I mean, how beautiful was it ? I love Stana’s voice (I still didn’t recover from the one sentence she said in Russian) and the words (thanks again Andrew Marlowe and David Amann) but most importantly the way she put her heart saying them… that’s was magic.

I also loved Gates in this episode. Everytime Marlowe is writing her she seems to have more volume. It’s really nice to watch. About Castle, Esposito and Ryan we don’t see them enough to critize or admire their work.

About the plot, the return of Vulcan Simmons (the asshole whom Beckett sent to the wall of the interrogation room because he’s linked to the murder of her mother) was a really nice surprise. I love hating him. But, the fact to see him meant that Bracken was in the shadows and it ruins a bit (really just a bit) this return.And even if nobody likes it, the fact that he’s going to run for President was predictable as well. Beckett is stronger than the first seasons, her ennemies are getting stronger too.

Again, it was a huge episode for this season which will probably be my favorite (and I never thought that they could top season 4 !), I wasn’t even over Smells Like Teen Spirit (at some point my obsession with In My Veins will have to stop …), we have an incredible Stana Katic and the return of the bad guy. In short, emotions and shivers but mostly a lot of pleasure to watch In the Belly of the Beast.

Just because:

 I need you to know that our partnership, our relationship is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. You’re an amazing man, and I love you with all of my heart. Always

Strong parts :

–       Stana Katic, whom we should throw Emmys (gently)

–       Robert Duncan’s music, just as awesome as always (pun not intended)

–       The scene of the letter

Weak parts :

–       Predictable return of Bracken

–       Even with the torture we never really fear for Beckett (in a physical way… her mind is another business).

See you in two weeks for the next new episode :

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