(En) TV Show Review: Scandal, We Do Not Touch the First Ladies, 3×12


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What I love most about Scandal  is the fact that it’s always going at 200%. There are always few big plots in the same time so it’s really rare to be bored watching it. And there are enough characters/plot twists/shondaland drama to please everybody. I don’t know how long they can keep up at this rhythm but it’s not a show that I see beyond a third or a fourth seasons anyway. And we won’t have any more evil parents to pick up bad guys from, except if Fitz Mom shows up.

For the episode itself, that was again a really good one. The fight between Liv and Fitz at the beginning wasn’t really appealing but the fact that Tom and Jake were listening every word of it made it quite funny. The duo between Oliva and Fitz tends to be a bit boring these days, I mean, or you are together or you not. At some point jeez, do something. And I might get some hate about it but I really like Jake so if Liv would spend some alone time with the boss of B613 that would be fine for me.

Harrison (this guy is so handsome, and don’t even get me started on his voice, every time is on screen I forget everything else) and Abby are still the shining Gladiators who hold the house together even if Harrison is probably going to have an unpleasant conversation with his dear Olivia soon. I missed Huck in the last episode so his come back of « I tortured and licked the face of one of our own but Liv it is your fault, you know that I’m a monster » with « There a coffee even if you don’t drink coffee because I’m sorry » was really cool. And I’m so Team Huck. And, Quinn, let’s talk about her a bit (just a bit really). The girl is so hopeless, I feel angry and sad for her at the same time and at this point I just want her to really get into B613 and get « in an accident » and get killed.

The comeback of Hollis Doyle was for me: « Oh God, not him, I can’t stand listening to his accent. » There. Sally is going to do the breakdown of the century and I’m going to enjoy every second of it. I actually hate a lot of people in this show.

One character that couldn’t stand, but like really hated her was Mellie. Which makes even weirder the fact that I know want to give her a hug every time I see her. The rape tale of Daddy Fitz was terrible but the attempt suicide and all her loyalty and dedication to Fitz (I understand that he can’t control the fact he loves someone else but still acts like an ass) is crazy.  So Andrew better be a great guy cause she could uses 5 minutes of happiness. And Bellamy Young is more and more gorgeous.

For the others plots, Daddy Pope wants to destitute and probably kill Fitz and Mommy Pope starts to infiltrate the money of the campaign. Baby Pope is going to be in damage control mode for a long time. And I could understand the fact that Fitz would not love his « probably futur father and mother in law ». About James/Cyrus/David I hope that it is going to turn ugly quite soon with James’s hate and no limits Cy so *grab popcorn*.

So, a really nice episode of Scandal again.

Strong parts:

– Mellie and Andrew making out in front of all the others First Ladies

– Huck and his coffee. Creepy cute.

– Jake starts to really be the Commandant. And Tom is B613 !

Weak parts:

– Liv and Fitz. Unfortunately

– Quinn. You’re useless girl.

– Too many plots kill plots. (Give some to Grey’s)

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