(En) TV Show Review: Scandal, The Fluffer, 3×16


I wrote half a review last week about Scandal that I didn’t post. I was really angry at the show. Like, how the writers dare to transform one of my favorite TV show in some kind of soap opera? (and I don’t have anything on soap opera, just, this show deserves better). I rather wanted to forget about it than keep writing on it. Unfortunately, this episode was no good either… The last minutes of it save it a bit, but still… Why?

The character of Fitz is the main reason why Scandal is going on my nerves right now. Not because of what he said to Oliva, but to Mellie. So okay it doesn’t know what she did for him, how she sacrifies herself for him, all the pain she got to help him becoming the President. But playing the card « I can cheat on you all day long for 4 years but you can have a relationship with Andrew or I’ll yell », how can you do something worse? And he confessed himself that he didn’t want Mellie back, that he doesn’t love her anymore but she can’t be happy. I don’t know why the writers changed this character to make him who he is now because now his relationship with Liv is over, his relationship with Andrew is over, the one with his kids, the one with Mellie, and every body hates him. And then the guy cries and says that he is not the bad boy. Yes you are.

It’s been a while since I watch this show mostly for Mellie and the gladiators minus Liv. I wait for the first to explode and tell everything to her husband and watch him be destroyed. I don’t know if it’s for Kerry’s pregnancy but the way they film her and the always same expressions of « I don’t understand/I’m afraid », I can’t wait to see it goes away. Olivia Pope is no longer a fixer, she’s the one in the middle of the trouble, she got no idea to deal with her relationship with Fitz or Jake, she’s completely broken. And I can’t wait to see the end of Papa and Mama Pope. So I hope that the fourth season will be one without Liv’s parents and without B613. That we find back the show about complots, about politics and the fierce dialogues, the humour. Not this kind of « who’s sleeping with you? ». Because seriously when we know that Fitz is probably going to say Hi to a bomb quite soon, my only reaction was « And? ».  I want my true OTP of the beginning. And I want Fitz and Olivia, the real ones, back.

For the rest of the episode, there are no surprises, the little show of Mama Pope, the bomb, the seduction of Liv to trap Jake, Sally playing dirty once again, Andrew who have to let Mellie goes away,… Even the cliffhanger is not interesting.

Please Shonda, do something and give us back the awesomeness of the show.

Strong parts:

– Mellie is almost ready to explode

– We see Abby a lot

– B613 is down?

Weak parts:

– Everything else.

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