(En) TV Show Review: Scandal, No Sun in the Horizon, 3×13


The first thing that I thought when I finish this episode was: OMG. I love this show. It stills go quite often into caricature, there are some stuff to modify but it’s still one of the best shows right now.

So, as planned, Sally is having some issues with God after killing Daniel Douglas and has a breakdown. Her speech at the beginning, finishing by « Yum, yum, crispy piggy, yum, yum » was extra. There were quite a lot of small sentences that I really love during this episode as the « Oh Boy » of a desperate Cyrus during the debate, and the « What would Olivia Pope do? Someone needs to put that on a bracelet » by David. But back to Sally who after murdered her husband and told Cy and Mellie needs to confess it to the all world. If not, she won’t hear from God anymore (she already had problems). Which allows Olivia to also have a mini breakdown when she realises that the three candidates for the White House are murderers. You’re in good hands, America. The Sally’s breakdown is not okay with Daddy Pope and so Leo starts to get a bit worried, it is ass now in danger too. So he gets a bit angry about Sally’s crap. Normal day at the office for Scandal.

Olivia goes from few glasses of wine by day to few bottles after the discoverie of Sally’s secret. She’s not far to losing it too, she wants to escape to the sun, and ( logic twist) has sex with Jake. To go back in Fitz arms (and mouth) 15 minutes later. I love you Liv, but keep it together.

Quinn is now a member of B613 but Jake is giving her the most boring job in the world, selling paper and so she says every bad things she can think of about Olivia to make her boss changes his mind and allows her to kill. Still a nevrotic bitch.

But everything, Sally’s breakdown, Daddy Pope’s threat, the sabotage of Fitz himself to please Olivia, Cy discovering that his husband is the ennemy, nothing is important compared to the last minute of the episode. Jake is taking care of the current situation and brings together the four people who want to leak the story of the « incident » of DD to the media. He kills the two women and then aim David and James. Obviously we hear the shot but the screen is now black and you know that Thursday is too far away. I don’t think he shot one of them, I think it was more a warning shot but still… I don’t really care if it’s James (except for the little girl, if she’s only got Cy, it sucks) but David… You can’t touch David. So I’ll try to be patient and wait for the next episode to deliver the answer.

Strong parts:

– The script. Absolute perfection

– The « Everything is out of control and I love it ».

– We start to see the real face of Jake and what he’s capable of.

– The final!

Weak parts:

– Olivia is quite at her lowest level here. Fitz or Jake, pick one.

– I wanted to see Cy becoming a real monster to James after the discoverie of the bug.

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