(En) TV Show Review: Scandal, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, 3×14

( Believe me, if you haven’t see this episode, you don’t want to read this. SPOILERS)

This is it, we know now who Jake shot last week… And even if I said that I wanted James over David to die, well it hurts a bit. I mean, I was sad for James obvisouly but mostly for Cyrus who is a monster ( I love the character, but he still an asshole) and now is devastated and moving. Well, the advantage of all this mess if that we can be sure that Jake/Olivia it’s over. There is no way (except to trick him) that the guy sees her bed again. Clearly this episode is a game changer: Curus will never be the same, Sally is back to be a bitch, B613 has now a new ennemy and Mellie finally get some release with her governor. Let’s review all of it.

Watching the beginning of the episode made me realised that I really didn’t want neither David or James. Not that I don’t give a damn about the two women but… not so much really. And my love for Jake quite decreased. I understand his « logic » to preserve the Republic but I don’t know, a small kidnapping, a bit of torture okay, but death? No, thanks. David’s position is delicate too. I understand the lack of death wish but in the same time is the really grat guy who truly believes in justice and he just saw three people (and two friends) being murdered in front of him. Hell of aday. Sometime you just wish you would have stay in your bed. The flashback of the meeting to the official public date of Cy and James were really sweet, but it’s was the end, the breakdown of Cyrys and Fitz hugging him and the ‘I’m sorry to let you die on the pavement’ of Jake who were really sad. I remember how James was happy to become a father and when the last thought he has is for his daugther I really wanted to hate Jake. (I mean, I don’t even know if Cy know what a baby is).

Except the all R.I.P James, the fact that Sally is back to the cold hearted bitch so soon was disturbing. It’s like all the previous episodes never existed. I knew she will get back on her feet but not that soon. No me likey.

I love the scene where the three gladiators come to see their chief : Abby about David, Harrison about his girlfriend/mortal ennemy and Huck about Quinn ( I’m the only one highly disturbed by the kiss? No, never, don’t let Huck/Quinn happens, she can die, her).I don’t remember the last time Olivia was really in commands, confident and a real shining gladiator. She looks like she’s going to lose it at every moment. She’s the one who need fixing most of the time… So this all idea to take down B613 (I’m sorry guys, but you might want to add some backup for it) is interesting.She’s not really back but it’s already something. We get to see Mama Pope again completely crazy, recruiting a terrorist, no problem. Okay.

The moment that I loved most was the all Mellie/Governor thing. I’m glad she goes for it. It’s not like she’s cheating, Fitz is not hers for so long, and he seems like a great guy. Also, Mellie with a gun >>>> Almost everything else.

Sad but really nice episode of Scandal. The show is more shocking than moving so it’s nice to get some balance.

Strong parts:

– Sad but right.

– Mellie, good for you girl

– Olivia seems to get back to her old self slowly.

Weak parts:

– Sallly already back at the top. No more DD, I don’t know. It doesn’t feel right.

– I can’t stand the way Papa Pope is played, the way he’s talking.

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