(En) TV Show Review: Scandal, Flesh and Blood, 3×17



When I first heard that Scandal would have less episodes this season because of Kerry’s pregnancy, I was thrilled for the actress, but devastated for myself. It was few months back and… Well, now I’m glad that this season ends on Thursday. That the writers take some vacations and come back to give us back our show on September. I still have hopes for this show but it’s a relief to not have to watch anymore the characters getting out of control. I’m not really impatient for the finale although this episode was better than the ones we got since they came back on February. Obviously I still don’t give a fuck about the stories but the script was better and some lines were exquisite thanks to Mellie and the reunion of O.P.A, the White House and B613.

Speaking of the White House, it doesn’t shock anybody the liberty of Fitz? I mean during the first season we could see how hard it was for him to get out of the Oval Office but now the guy spends his time on the phone with Liv, go to her office and spend the rest of his time to be an asshole to his wife while he’s still kinda the President of the United States and at less than a week of the election of his life. Well, I have one thank you to Fitz, he didn’t throw a tantrum when I learned that Liv had slept with Jake. Except that, he’s just an annoyance. The more I hate Fitz, the more I love Mellie. Her lines were golden and when she lose it and almost spill her secret to Olivia it was sad and powerful at the same time. I say almost because Liv is so mess up that she might not have put 2 and 2 together. I still hope that Jerry is really Fitz’s son, for Mellie’s sake but it’s a Shonda show so I don’t keep my hopes up. It’s actually the only thing that I wait on this show: the face of Fitz when Mellie will tell him the truth. And it better happens this week cause I won’t find excuses for the show too much longer.

If the lines of Mellie (again Bellamy Young is amazing, her acting as the drunken First Lady was flawless), others little things make the episode bearable: the « Papa Pope » of Harrison, the fight at the beginning between everyone, the arrival at O.P.A of Charlie and Quinn, the glacial Mama Pope, we get to the bottom of the worse things ever with Quinn and Huck having sex. I mean, it was disgusting, awful, just shocking to be shocking and…Brr I don’t want to think about it anymore. Although, the « I don’t give a damn look to you, I’m better than you » of Maya to the couple was priceless. It’s like our feeling as viewers, we worth better than watching that.

There is a serious problem with Olivia Pope. I mean she’s so useless, I don’t even know when it happened. It makes me sad to waste such potential and since Papa Pope ends the episode in blood (thanks God, I can’t bear a minute more his monologues) she’s never gonna make it.

The cliffhanger is not really exciting itself but why it happens is great. Cyrus is back to his old self, meaning is back to be a monster. He has the possibility to avoid the events but Sally is indirectly linked to James’s murder and without her Fitz has no rivals. I didn’t expecting anything else from him. And who’s gonna be sad if Sally dies?

Strong parts:

– Mellie, Mellie, Mellie

– Cyrus is back, bitches!

– Some lines shows that Scandal isn’t dead yet.

Weak parts:

– When the two main characters are hated and useless, it’s hard to love the show

– Huck and Quinn. I don’t even have the words

– Papa Pope, even if it might be the last time. Hopefully.


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