(En) TV Show Review: Marvel, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.S, Turn Turn Turn, 1X17


What an episode! As a complete fangirl of Marvel I never thought about quitting this show but these 42 minutes were amazing! It was probably the best of the show so far (and yes I know that it’s not that complicated to do before than the most of episodes of it but still). After trying to let us think that May was a traitor, that Agent Hand had a serious problem with Coulson somehow, we find everybody on high alert as everybody is no a suspect to each other. The episode takes place in the same timeline as Captain America during the attack of the Triskelion in Washington and as everything was predictable in the movie (and I still like it), you don’t really except that cliffhanger in this episode.

Actions, humour, twists, emotions, this episode contains everything. Unfortunately, now I don’t think that the writers will top that for the next episodes and I’ll be disappointed  but that’s for another time. For this episode, May is even more badass than before if it’s possible (well yes it is when she starts killing people only with her tights), Coulson is still completely lost but deliver some nice lines so I excuse him this time, Skye and Ward are so cute playing kissing face before he pulls out a Black Widow movement (how could a fight between the two would be?), if Simmons doesn’t make a move an Fitz I have no problem to see more of Agent Tripplett, Garrett,…we’ll talk about him later and Hand is really well played.

Actually, this episode is exactly what we were expected of this show. A complete follow up of the Marvel movies.  (don’t get me starting on the poor attempt with Thor). But it’s means you needed to have seen Captain America to truly enjoy the episode and I think that why the audience were so bas as the movie came out 4 days earlier airtime. The difference between the all attack with the planes and all the explosions etc in the movie is really well balanced with the fact that this episode is almost behind closed doors and that it’s more about the individuality and the fact that everyone become a potential suspect. And since S.H.I.E.L.D.S is destroyed at the end of Captain, what does it means for the show and for the team? It’s exciting.

I didn’t expect Garrett to be the bad guy, Hydra yes it’s great to see a character like him turning  as an enemy but being the real Clairvoyant? I guess we’ll have to see. In the other hand, the betrayal of Ward, that was hard. I mean I understand the necessity as Hydra is everywhere it was normal that Coulson’s team was infiltrated too but when he kills the agent and Hand, I didn’t get over it yet. I just hope that he was the only one in the team and that Simmons for example isn’t Hydra too.

The scene between Coulson and May was really well done. We finally got some answers when they learned that Fury is dead and why May chose this team (to keep an eye on Coulson) and why it was such a weird one that the viewers never really get attached to. I really hope that they’ll get over with it and stay close as they have a really good dynamic.

Really great episode that really makes us want to know what will happens next, how the team will react to the end of the organization, to the betrayal of Ward and if the Clairvoyant is really unveiled. There are a lot of questions but I start to think that the answers will be good.

Oh, and the Hydra’s logo replacing the one of S.H.I.E.L.D.S at the end? Bloody brillant.

Strong parts:

– Scenario and lines were really great

– Ward and Skye scene before the revelation of the end

-May/Coulson’s discussion

– Fitz is so so adorable. The crying scene was perfection

– Garrett the big bad guy? I could like it

Weak parts:

– Why starting something between Ward and Skye now?

– While the events in Captain America lasts for few days, everything happens in a couple of hours here.

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