(En) TV Show Review: Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Providence, 1×18



After the shock of the last episode, we find back what it left of the organization, more or less 10 persons, getting treated as terrorists and waiting to be judged and probably throw in jail. Fury is dead, the different bases are under the control of Hydra and Garrett get away. Party time! But again it was a great episode.

Fully aware that they cannot stay in the Hub waiting Tablot to arrest them, Coulson’s team (minus Ward but plus Tripplett) goes back on their (broken) plane. The full sequence of Coulson going for person to person to hear everybody’s complaints (no food/no fuel/no concrete plan). A real comedy moment. Oh and did I say that Tripplett is on the plane? Love him.

For the villains lair, Raina (who was working on the Centripede project) escapes from prison thanks to Ward and Garrett and are, without press ion, going to Cuba to plan their evil plans. Raina is sad because Garrett hasn’t any super powers but she knows that she doesn’t have the choice and has to find the GH-325. Not sure that the guinea pig  were willing but I don’t think they can’t complain much now. Ward is now embracing the dark side and it’s kind of sexy. Definitely infuriating with his small smile and cocky attitude but still, kinda sexy. And my glad that he is really a bad guy, not some twist that lasts one episode, that he will follow Garrett in hell but also that he has true feelings about Skye. Garrett is also better in the evil way even if he was already interesting. I’m still not sure that he’s the Clairvoyant, that there is nobody above him. Oh and he seems to be a cyborg in the show too, that gonna be awesome.

The strength of this episode is also the fact that everything from the beginning comes back. Although the episodes weren’t that great, we can see know how there are part of a whole and now the puzzle is almost over. The attack on the Fridge, the liberation of the prisoners, the discovery of the gravitonium of… Ian Quinn, back and pissed off. Hydra has all the technology and the men to get the final control over the world. And Coulson is going to have his hands full.

So our team is short on everything and Coulson is starting to lose it. Sure that No, Nick Fury isn’t dead and send me a cryptic message on my badge and let’s go in the middle of nowhere in the snow. But strangely it gave the best speech from Phil. So emotional, it was beautiful. And they finally find the secret base, Coulson is told that Fury is indeed alive but Ward is back undercover because he needs Skye to open the hard drive and find the informations Hydra needs so he discovers the base too. The scenes between Ward and May are getting really uncomfortable, almost unhealthy. I hope May is going to kick his ass once he’s discovered.

Oh and on the next episode the world is falling apart and Coulson needs to save the love of his life. Normal day at the office…

Strong parts:

– Garrett, Ward, Raina and Ian together. Nice bunch of villains

– Coulson, really funny at the beginning,very moving at the end

– All these little really funny phrases by Fitz, Coulson and Skye all along.

– The end of this season is getting more and more expected

Weak parts:

– Even if Evil Ward is better, Brett Dalton is still not convincing.

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