(En) TV Show Review: Grey’s Anatomy, We Gotta Get Out of This Place, 10×16

(You know the deal, SPOILERS! for the episode)

Grey’s Anatomy is back in ‘everything’s perfect land’ for quite some times now. And I don’t complain at all. Because if it’s one of the show that can make me tearing, it also can make me laugh hard. And it seems that the writers are taking a break in the drama and the dead since the hiatus. It feels good. But it’s gonna hurt like a bitch when Shonda is going to put us against on board of the ShondaRollerCoaster. But if the end of the season is getting close, we’re not there yet. The medical cases weren’t that easy, there were quite deep problems for the characters to deal with (Richard’s age, the wedding of Japril, Derek’s big project,…) but the episode is fun and everything seems to work out at the end.

About the characters I was glad to see a bit more of Richard this time, the comeback of Catherine, to see Callie fights against Derek and watching an amazing Cristina (again). For the rest, nothing special, they all look quite happy.

About the story, I like the new guy who’s gonna help Meredith, he could be a nice distraction for Stephanie. We’ll see. Ross was quite moving, dealing with the pregnant teenager but still annoying. (I’m trying to make efforts as I only like Jo amongst the residents). I’m also happy about the fact that despite the all ‘sign the paper’ of Jolex, we didn’t talk about the relationship policy of the hospital and that the case of Bailey made her so happy to operate on, it’s been a long time.

For the rest, I really enjoyed watching Callie against Derek. He’s an ass with an enormous ego and it’s great to see that they are still few people to ground him. I’m glad that they ‘took over the government’ and that they will keep working together. Go Callie! The reunion between mother and son/stepdaughter with Catherine/Jackson/April was also one of the huge moment of this episode. I love Japril, I wish them all the best and I’ll probably always ship them but they now have to deal with the fact that they are married without having a real relationship before. They have a lot to talk about and children are a main topic. Jackson is a almost billionaire, he’s the boss of the hospital (we tend to forget it I think) and the heir of one of the biggest medical foundation of the world. I think it’s normal that Catherine reacted the way she did. And it was the occasion to see that they don’t want the same thing. Hopefully they will find a middle between Jackson and his ‘boarding school and pony stuff’ and April ‘Love Jesus and feed the pigs stuff’. I think they can make it. And I loved and hated at the same time what happened between Cristina and Owen. They sleep together, they flirt together, they are fun together but the way Cristina keeps trying to find the perfect woman for him… I don’t know, it doesn’t feel right. Owen is still in love with her but we know they will never work so let them be best buddies, please.

For the medical cases, between the girl who just got a baby and probably gonna die in the next month and the guy with the fetus of his twin in the stomach… Well, not a big fan. Sad and ‘yeurk!’.

Fun, flirt and happiness. Grey’s is back to its roots.

Strong parts:

– Crowen. Even if the all dating thing is bad, the banter is awesome.

– Callie taking care of the sitation. You rock girl

– Japril’s relationship development.

Weak parts:

– Some characters are invisible.

– All this fun, it’s a trap. Brace yourselves when they are starting to kill all of them again.

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