(En) TV Show Review: Grey’s Anatomy, Throwing it All Away, 10×15

(Like always, spoiler alert)

Three really great episodes of Grey’s in a row? Is the crisis over for the writers? I do hope so but anyway, it was again a pleasure to watch it this week. Thanks to two things actually: the plots are starting to moving again and Calzona and Crowen feels. (I would never thought to write that one day for the latter).

The medical cases were quite tough, especially the young girl with the double amputation of her legs which obviously makes us think to Arizona and everything she’s been through. The fact that she is the one to do the procedure is quite symbolic, a way to accept that sometimes losing something is for the best. (I’m not saying that the loss of her leg is cool, I just mean that between that and death, the choice is easy to make). I was a bit afraid of a case like that, that could tear apart the Calzona couple that I still think is fragile but the end shows me that there is a lot of hope for these two. How adorable and perfect was this ending? The case of the abandonned baby allowed Ross to get back on track with his abilities and Cristina so everyone’s happy. Until the guy forgets to sleep again. The case of the organ donor was quite unusual as the only thing that we are focusing on is the wish of his best friend to get back his kidney.After all, the guy don’t use it anymore. It starts quite funny with April wondering what on Earth she can makes him understand that he can’t get it back and then gets really sad when the guy understands that his best friend is dead. Well done.

For the other stuff, we keep going on Leah’s complaints which is not against Arizona but against Callie who lost her research with Derek, lost her argument with the young girl and the legs and had a fight with her wife. You can say that she’s having a terrific day. Thanks you Leah.

The great surprise of this episode is the duo Cristina and Owen. There are so cosy and adorable. Maybe it is because these are the last episodes of Cristina but I find Sandra Oh at the top of her game since quite a few episodes.

So thanks Shonda and the writers, that was another good episode.

Strong parts:

– Cristina and Owen, BFF

– The ending with Callie, Arizona and roller skates

Weak part:

– Derek, your research, nobody cares.

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