(En) TV Show Review: Castle, The Way of the Ninja, 6×18



And again we had an amazing episode of Castle this week. After the darkness and the anxiousness of the previous episode, this one is full of laugh, humor, lightness and adorable Caskett moments. truly 42 minutes of happiness.

Well, there is still a dead girl so obviously is sad but the murder plot is actually fun. After the actual CIA plot, the attack of the almost zombie, another dream of Castle becomes true: the killer is a ninja! It could had been flat (Beckett in a roll eyes that no, there is no such things as ninja for example) but the fact that the situations implying Japanese warriors are well used and always different make it works perfectly. Castle’s face during the first apparition of the warrior was amazing, he is really a 9year old on a sugar rush, ecstatic about everything. So about the murder plot the twists were really good and the change of scenery really good thanks to the combats and the flying shuriken.

But it is mostly Castle and Beckett that makes this episode so delicious. They are beyond adorable (not in a sick way) and it’s such a pleasure to watch. I mean, I think we deserve some Caskett goodness after all this fandom had been through. The best thing is that they were perfect individually but most importantly together. Kate is talking to Rick, sharing her fears, she’s so committed to her upcoming wedding (best character development ever in TV), even if it’s to impress an old friend she’s wearing her engagement ring, she listens to his crazy theory, back him up and even when she’s pissed off (Castle waiting to be grounded in his living room was priceless) it is because she’s a bit jealous. Even when they are in opposition like in Gate’s office you still can feel their love and it’s awesome.

And Stana Katic is so beautiful. I mean, I know I say that every time I look at her but seriously she looks better and better every episode that comes out. And every details of her acting seems to improve in the same time. I don’t know anymore. I don’t know anything anymore since I saw her with the cronut actually so you will have to forgive me.

I’m not going to put the best quotes here but some lines were golden, so again, amazing Castle writers, bravo and thank you.

There weren’t a incredible scene that makes me forgets to breath (well if you forget the Cronut scene… yep I have a problem), or the « I can’t move my eyes of the screen » like in The Belly of the Beast but all of the scenes were so sweet that I had a smile on my face during the episode and even after few hours I’m still in a cloud of contentment.

Strong parts:

– Caskett. Best couple ever

– Stana Katic. Stana Katic in green/leather leggins/with a ponytail/adorable/angry/… Perfect.

– Iron Gates. Two awesome scenes and an hilarious off

Weak parts:

– I promised I try to find one, but I can’t.

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