(En) TV Show Review: Castle, The Greater Good, 6×19

(spoiler, Spoilers, SPOILERS)

The last few episodes of Castle were so fantastic than this one, more classical, but still fun and efficient, gets less « whaou ». The main interest is the arrival of Captain Gates’s sister and the backstory of Castle and Beckett.

This week’s murder allows us a glimpse of Wall-Street as a young trader, from a poor family and a foreign country gets the privilege to receive a bullet in the chest. Very The Wolf of Wall Street sometimes (we do have some references of it), the case is basic but interesting enough.

The arrival of Elizabeth (Salli Richardson-Whitfield), Gates’s sister shakes things up. I love Gates, I love Penny Johnston Jerald and I’m glad that we can see more of her during an episode. Like a partner to Beckett and Castle more than a chief. Gates is the queen of the death glare, the sassy sentences and the ‘I’m in command » but her sister is quite good too! And the tension between the two is excellent. I don’t see much of Esposito and Ryan because of it but changes can be good sometimes and it’s only for an episode. I liked the fact to know more about Gates and I hope will see the rest of her family someday. I read somewhere that Penny would love to have an episode where Gates is really the main focus, where we can see why she is the chief like Kate is the lead detective. That could be great, especially since Beckett and Gates (and a bit Gates and Castle) are closer in this season.

Anyway, we still have Castle and Beckett planning their wedding. And they are each time more and more adorable. That’s crazy. Rick is still highly convinced that he will have a wedding in an exotic venue. Now that his fiance rejected space we want to get hitched on a rollercoaster. Insert Beckett’s eye-roll. Only there is a small problem (apart the actual venue): the number of people invited. 582 people can hardly be considered as « intimate » (even at Disneyworld). But this story offers us another « there are so cute and adorable and in love » end when they realised that they only need each other to be happy. I’m glad the episode doesn’t actually end on that because I really don’t want a quick wedding, just the two of them because of a case, Bracken or Tyson. So when they are back to reality by inviting Martha, Alexis, Jim, the boys, Gates,… I was relieved. Althought I would not have say no to a cameo of Stephen King during the ceremony…

A classic murder but a really pleasant episode thanks to Sir Gates and to Caskett. Now, we need to be patient to see the next one (which looks completely crazy as its sets in the 70s) will air on April 21st.

Strong parts:

– Iron Gates and her sister, sassy queens

– Caskett, the wedding talk makes them so adorable. I need a minute.

Weak parts:

– Quite classic.

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