(En) TV Show Review: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.S, Yes Men, 1×15

(If you haven’t seen the episode, stop right there)


I was really impatient to see this episode, I mean it still took me three days to watch it after it airs because it is still not the show of the year and I had other stuff to do. I was so late last week but now I’m back on track with my shows and there is my review of this fifteen episode of Coulson & Co.

Actually, if I hadn’t seen all the promos with Lady Sif and Lorelei coming to Earth, the battle of swords between the two women in the plane and the fact that Ward is under the influence of the red-head it would be probably nice. But as it was the only things happening, the episode was quite boring. Which makes me even angrier about it. Nothing’s happening, except in the last 10 seconds when we discover that May had fallen to the Dark Side. And even this, I bet it’s a trap and that it will go flat in no time.

Even Lorelei (Elena Satine) and Lady Sif (Jamie Alexander) don’t bring much. Their fight is great but happens in the same time that the one of May and Ward that is completely better, intense and filmed. They should have make a bigger crossover with more interactions between Asgard and the agents but everything stays superficial and too fast. The two female Asgardian seems so more cliché than in Thor and The Avengers. Why?

Few points vaguely discussed in the episode: Lorelei tells May that Ward has feelings for someone in the team but it is not her (while they are fucking each other for I don’t know how long). So, Simmons or Skye? And Coulson is sure that he received the same drug than Skye, the one coming from the blue giant, which I didn’t think so after the last episode. Will see.

Quite bad episode, saved from the disaster by Asgard.

Strong points:

– Lorelei and Lady Sif

– Ward against May in an epic fight

– May might be a traitor

Weak points:

– They should have go deeper with Lady Sif, keep her for a while for example.

– The writing and the plot are so basics.

– Coulson. Boring Coulson.

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