I tried to have a blog few times already. I have two Tumblr, two Twitter account, a completely non interesting Facebook and a proper blog, at least the plan to have one was the next step. I thought about what I have to share with complete strangers, if I was an expert in a field or if I was willing to spend time to write down my feelings/opinions/reviews of any kind. I’m still not sure that I’ll keep a positive answer to all of it in one month so I might just going to ditch this eventually but for now I’ll try to update this as much as I can.  Some post will be in English, some in French and if I stop being lazy, both.
Mostly, it will be about books/TV shows/movies/music review, actu of new technology and media and a bit of trivia about this crazy world.
Let’s go.

I run this website to share my love for TV shows. I'm a French native but I write in English to challenge myself to write few articles every week and at least I write about something I'm passionate about :)

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    Gosh, I wish I would have had that inrtmfaoion earlier!

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