TV Show Reviews : The Blacklist, Sleepy Hollow, Madam Secretary, Gotham and more


It’s been a long time guys ! (Well, like two weeks but it’s a long time in the Internet). I’m so busy with Uni right now, so I might skip some reviews these next weeks and for the second year in a row I’m participating to NaNoWriMo and I’m already falling behind my word count and I’m looking for an internship in the same time. I love November, I feel like I never sleep. Anyway, let’s get some very short opinions about what happened in our TVs this week.


The comedies

Once again, The Big Bang Theory and Modern Family were hilarious. The first one by reacting the Prom night (which most of the characters never experienced of course) and if they thought that a Prom between adults was drama-free, well… not exactly. The biggest moment was the scene between Sheldon and Amy when he tells her that he loves her. For the least romantic character ever it was a beautiful moment. I know that a lot of people don’t like the fact that Sheldon is changing and that he should stay the totally socially inapt genius that he was at the beginning but I don’t feel that way. It was never said that Sheldon had a condition that would prevent him to change. A kiss, an « I love you » and a relationship contract aren’t exactly rushed when you think that they are « together » for 3 years. The fight between Howard and Stuart over Howard’s mom and then cousin was also a great part. The second show was the annual Halloween episode and well, I don’t know what to say about it, Modern Family doesn’t do bad episodes. The new neighbors of Claire and Phil are bringing a new dynamic, Jay and Gloria were super sweet, the idea of making Cam incapable of finding Waldo was brilliant and the only thing that I miss a bit is the lack of scenes between Andy and Haley. I believe that they would make a nice couple and the guy is present in every ten episodes only.

It was also a pleasure to watch again Mom and 2 Broke Girls (keep in mind that I was 2 weeks late). Directly we have a new setting for Mom as they are losing their house and it changes everything. I really hope that it will take time to be resolved as I really want to see how they can find the humour in a really dark place. Anna Faris and Allison  Janney (who will host the People Choice Awards *excited*) are as good as the first season and even if 21 minutes is the perfect format, I always wish to see more. About my two favorite waitresses, Max is still her old-self while Caroline is reaching a new low when she has to cut her hair (the new haircut is fabulous by the way).Besides the funny episodes, we had Kim Kardashian in the first episode and Jesse Metcalfe in the second episode as guest stars. Not bad at all. The first one was funnier because as a non-American I can’t really get all the fuss about the Kardashian family (seriously, what the fuck is going with all these K names?) so I could totally relate to Max. That’s how I realise how I miss this show when it’s on hiatus.

Two others shows that I watched and that are cancelled. The first is Selfie (ABC) and the second is Bad Judge (CBS). It isn’t a surprise, the ratings were awful and it might not be very good but I found that they improve a lot in a month and few episodes. They are nowhere near the others comedies that I mentioned, not even on the same galaxy) but both had a big asset : John Cho for the first, Kate Walsh for the second. And they deserve so much more that I’m really sad for them. Like really. The pilot of Bad Judge was one of the most awful thing that I saw and yet 6 episodes later I’ll probably miss the show. It’s a bit like Cougar Town, you need to take it at the 54th degree but it’s funny. About Selfie, the rhythm always seemed off and the episode was rushed or too long. But the idea was nice and they were honest about the project so yeah, I totally understand but I’m still a bit sad.

There are two new comedies that I’m late on : Cristela and Black-ish. I only watch the pilot of the first and two episodes of the second. Black-ish seems to be awesome while Cristela is definitely not. Yet most are talking about the minority in America but one is doing with class while the others is accumulating the clichés. I’ll probably binge-watch them during Christmas break as I don’t have the time right now.

The not-so-new-shows-anymore

I’m talking about Gotham, Madam Secretary, The Affair, How to Get Away with Murder, Red Band Society and The Flash.

So, let’s start by Gotham.I’m still not totally convinced as the majority of the characters seems too hollow for me. I admire the Penguin (that was a twist I didn’t see coming, his association with Falcone so I’m glad), the Riddler starts to shine a bit more and Gordon isn’t as uptight than he was but still the scenes between Bruce and Gordon are absurd, Fish is always too-much and talk to say nothing, Harvey is starting to be more than a brute but there is still a long road to go and there is still no consistency between the criminals. Arkham is the most promising thing but it can’t be used before at least the second season so I’ll wait.

I often roll my eyes when I see how almighty the Americans look like in Madam Secretary but it’s not like it’s a surprise. You just need to accept the fact that USA is the best and enjoy your episode. The last one was again a great success to me although I don’t think it was necessary to imply that Henry was cheating on Elizabeth. They are such a great couple and it felt wrong. But it helps developing a new aspect of Henry, who is also working for the NSA. They are quite the powerful couple, these two. It was also interesting to see that this time it’s a member of the team, Matt, who find the solution of the problem and not Elizabeth. It’s important because I don’t see about you but I’m still not feeling very close about the others characters. I’m really happy that we will have a whole season to tackle this conspiracy plot.

There was no new episode this week but last week episode of The Flash was so nice. And yeah it’s because of Felicity. My love for her has no limits (especially when she’s such a nerd in such a dress!) and because of Wentworth Miller too. He isn’t a meta-human but he has a great weapon and will be back later with back-up. He might be our villain of the season even if it’s still soon to say so. Except for the two guest-stars, that was pretty basic.

Red Band Society is still there so thanks you FOX (I don’t know how long though) and I’m glad even if I didn’t really liked the last episode. A bit too much of teen drama (the pretty girl who cannot choose between two guys is so boring) but Charlie’s and Kara’s stories were interesting and the music is still perfect.

There are so many things that I don’t get on How to Get Away with Murder, I really don’t know if I will last the season. I finally accepted that for few seconds of new footage of the night of the murder we need to watch 5 minutes of old footage and okay, why not. I accepted that Viola Davis can be incredibly good and awfully bad in the same episode. That everybody is sleeping with everybody (it’s Shonda that’s normal). But, what’s the deal with Wes and Rebecca ? I feel like I missed five or six episodes of them becoming friends, trusting each other and everything while none of that happened. The guy is almost at the point of throwing all his life away just to help her. I cannot understand how he is from the beginning attracted to this weirdo and how he is certain of her innocence. He doesn’t know her. He’s just her neighbor. And yet, he is Annalise’s favorite student for no reason except a nice and hollow speech about equality (WTF?) and can do pretty much whatever he wants, including mistakes without issues. I really don’t like the character of Rebecca, I can’t understand how a guy like Wes (and the others at the end) are risking their lives to help her while she killed a guy. It is obvious that she doesn’t want help so let her be. I seriously don’t get it and it annoys me to no end. It’s kinda the same for Lauren and Franck. All the tension and the weirdness aren’t founded for me. It’s really like if I was watching a season 2 without having seen season 1 but it is not the case. So yeah, I don’t watch it with full attention anymore.

And finally The Affair : I’m really torn by it. I know it’s almost a sacrilege but I don’t really like Ruth Wilson, something about her is bothering me and even if I know that we are dealing with 4 great actors I’m not that crazy about the cast. I found the show really interesting for two episodes, but now, the repetition of the events twice during the episodes are starting to be boring to watch. I really want to see how this affair can destroy their lives and who died but it might be too « intense » (the long-lasting silences, the conversation with their eyes,…). And I like fucked up character but they are way about crazy. I don’t know but I won’t probably watch anymore.

The usual ones

To be very fast : Grey’s Anatomy was as boring as it could be in that episode, I don’t even want to speak about it, it was 40 minutes of nothing. Once Upon a Time has some really nice plots and I’m really curious about how the Snow Queen arrived in this dimension/land and became Emma foster-mother. It could be very interesting. Elsa is also changing and if she’s pretty much harmless now, the prospect of seeing her sister again could turn her into an enemy which is also exciting. Rumple and Belle were interesting so I’m pretty happy about it. Another disappointment was The Blacklist. It was like « We are going to find out about Liz’s big secret, who she is hiding,etc » but who didn’t know that it was Tom ? I mean it was obvious, no ? So yeah, it’s Tom, he is still his annoying self, Liz is still too weak to kill him (and will probably let him get away with everything he did) and the only thing interesting there was the revelation of Red about the girl we all thought was his daughter. Turns out she’s Berlin’s. That was something I didn’t see coming and I loved it. For the rest, it was nice to know more about Dembe and Reesler is still struggling with his drug’s addiction.
I surprised myself that I enjoyed this episode of Scandal. It’s very very slow but we can see, deep down, that Olivia is ready to be a gladiator once again. An efficient one I mean. She’s finally going to go after her daddy (that I can’t bear listening to anymore) and she isn’t completely define by her love for Jake and Fitz all along (even if it’s still present).Mellie wasn’t what I expected her to be, blind by her sudden wish to be the one ruling the nation. I’m really happy about how Abby handle the situation (even with the gun) and I’m quite interested in how Huck is going to deal with his son. So, yeah, weirdly surprised.
Agents of Shield was probably alright but I don’t really remember it so I’ll say good but forgettable. Oh, way, the stuff between Ward and his brother is so weird (and you don’t just cuff Ward, you morons). Sleepy Hollow was also true to itself, really nice episode again with a pregnant Katrina, who is going to give birth to Moloch in about 12 hours if Ichabod and Abbie don’t find a solution( don’t worry, they do). I really like how intense every episode is, we don’t have a minute of stillness. And Tom Mison is now letting his glorious hair (wig?) down and it’s glorious.

White Collar was back this week with its final season. It’s been a long time and I’m not that interested anymore. It’s really always the same pattern but Mozzie and Pregnant!Elizabeth are enough to make me finish this show.

Last but not least, Castle. I would like to talk more about the next two episodes that we will see than the last one even if it was pretty good. The Richard Castle’s commercial was hilarious. But I’m so terrified and excited about Monday night than I can’t really think about what we already saw and prefer to focus on what we will see. #CaskettAtLast.


That’s a wrap for the week!

I’m really excited for what’s coming next because first The Freaking Newsroom is back tonight !! I feel like tomorrow should be an holiday to let us enjoy it properly (I try not to think that this is the end as I’ll never have enough of this show) and obviously I’m excited for the episode of Castle (and in the same terrified that I won’t like it..). A great week in perspective :)

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