TV Show Review: TGIT by Shonda, Grey’s/Scandal/HTGAWM

Shondaland on Thursday

What a night it was for the three Shonda’s shows! I don’t think I had so much fun watching Grey’s in years, Scandal was amazing and HTGAWM is insane! I’m so late at writing this, I’ve barely the time to see the episodes, even less to write about it (sadly until at least mid-November) but it will be a good thing to have a fresh memory tomorrow night.

Grey’s Anatomy, Old Time Rock and Roll, 12×04

I don’t know if I remember a funnier episode of Grey’s Anatomy while the teaching lessons was to explain to the interns how to tell people that their love ones were dead and that a girl was getting tortured to get out of her bed (sort of). Yet, the characters, especially the scenes between Arizona and April. I’m starting to be so fan of the little scenes of carpooling, it doesn’t last long but it’s a recurring thing this season so far and I love it. This group needs an adult desperately, they look like lost college students sometimes while they had the most terrible lives so far (one is a widow, one is divorced, one lost the love of her life because of her drug addiction and the other is almost normal but socially inapt). History repeats with Maggie banging an intern (but who can blame her?) while new friendship and new characters development unfold. The relationship between Meredith and Alex, Meredith and Amelia and Meredith and Maggie are all very interesting.

I never was a big fan of the character of Meredith Grey, I loved Cristina, Alex, Arizona but since Cristina left, there is this will to put Meredith back in the center of the show and at the beginning I thought that I was going to hate it because I couldn’t see how attractive she could become. Making a widow was a bold move and it actually help to see her in a complete different way. I mean, the show literally started with her and Derek, we had eleven seasons of Merder so it’s a huge change to see her on her own. And so far, I really like what I see. And the secondary arcs are pretty interesting as well, how April and Jackson will deal with what happened last season, how Alex and Jo are slowly starting their life together, will Callie and Arizona find their way back together one day? There are so many great ideas and I really need to emphasize that it’s season 12 and so many shows can’t do that for 3 seasons straight. So congratulations.


The difference between these previous episodes and the one tomorrow is going to be huge, I can’t wait to see how awkward this dinner party is going to be. And it will obviously be so related to Derek’s death, it will be interesting to actually see everyone together when it comes to this event. We saw Meredith and Amelia but not enough of Callie or Owen and the others.


Scandal, Dog-Whistle Politics, 5×04


Gladiators in a suit are back! How awesome was Quinn’s speech? Three years later and still, that was what made me say « fuck, this is going to be good ». I love that they use it again. And obviously that it was Quinn doing the recruiting.

Jake back-story is told small pieces by small pieces but I like this new player in the game. How Olivia who is now publicly with Fitz will deal to see her « sweet » Jake be reunited with a woman he’s in love? Trouble in paradise? Anyway, if I don’t like how it had been introduced (really, why bringing Eli again? Let him in jail and move on writers, thanks.), I think we’ll have a second arc with Jake, Elise, Charlie and maybe Huck about Lazarus One.

About Fitz and Olivia, pff, I got my first big fan-girling moment in a long time during the last scene. Come on, they are too precious. It was amazing. But it wasn’t only their love story, it was the politics behind it, how Fitz’s own party is trying to manipulate him because of the affair and that what I want to see in the show. And I even loved more how Mellie said « impeachment my HUSBAND », she knows that they went public and she still protecting him. I really love her. I really can understand her and her reactions even if I’m shipping Olitz, she can be mad, she can be overly frustrated, she gave Fitz everything (and for a lot of characters it’s an exaggeration but for her… She was raped by his father, she lost her son, she had to see the man she love fall in love with somebody else and still put a smile on her face because she’s the First Lady). So I love Mellie like I love Abbie, they are my favorites and they both have so many things going on for them, it’s really exciting to watch basically.

And Cy… The devil Cyrus. I always loved him because he is evil but we know it, we know that the small part of humanity/compassion/love he had died with James so I’m not surprised and it’s logical with his character development but man, it stings. The guy is spinning, and he’ll going to try to destroy all of them. I would be curious to see a real conversation between him and Liv, how they stand about each other. She must know that he worked with her father and yet, she always respected him and vice versa. So yeah, so many things…!

Except for the face of Papa Pope coming back (like seriously, they cannot let it go), I’m loving every second of this season. Brilliant.


How to get away with Murder, Skanks Get Shanked, 2×04

For a change, the cast wasn’t the only sociopaths and murderers of the week. The client that Annalise is representing is quite the catch. Apart from the procedural part of the episode, it’s interesting to see how the students are trying to escape Annalise’s influence. They know that she owns them, she is protecting them even if it’s far from being black and white with this show. The stunt of Connor was nice, Wes is completely blind by his love for Rebecca as always so no surprise here that he doesn’t trust Annalise (well, who could?), Laurel will soon be more loyal to Franck and Asher is actually testifying against Annalise so well, you can’t really do worst. Michaela is experiencing really weird sex fetish so I’ll let her discover her sexuality.

I don’t know which one of Annalise, Bonnie, Franck, Laurel, Wes, Connor, Michaela or Nate is the more shady and is capable of the worst things. Together they are atomic. Wes killed Sam, Bonnie killed Rebecca, the prosecutor had been killed by one of them I guess. What is this show? They won’t get away with murder forever. Yet, Annalise is not as much in the spotlight as she was during the end of the first season and it allows the other actors to shine. I really love how Jack Falahee is playing, especially when his character is so close to snap. Charlie Weber is surprising me in these episodes, there are some depth that I didn’t realize he had last year Alfred Enoch is still not winning me over sadly but I really cannot understand or relate to his characters in any ways. It’s impossible to follow his feelings and obsessions. The guy is capable to dig every corpse of the cemetery if needed.

While during the first seasons, all the scenes of the future with the murder of Sam were bothering me, the ones of Annalise and the prosecutor are amazing and I just cannot wait to know what’s going on in this timeline and how bad they all fucked up to be in this situation. Even if Annalise will survive, it’s going to be such a great ride to be on.


Mostly, these episodes were almost flawless, like the beginning of the three shows. I’m so amazed by how Grey’s is still strong in its 12th season, Scandal (minus Papa Pope) is exactly the show that I love, politics, dirty moves, betrayal and romance while HTGAWM is so crazy, it makes me dizzy. Well done Shonda, well done.

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