TV Show Review : Sleepy Hollow, Tempus Fugit, 2×18


I had no idea that it was already the season finale of this show, I don’t know how I missed the fact that season 1 had only 13 episodes as well and I realized just before watching it. And I’m really not sure if the show will be renewed as well so it might have been the last episode of this show.

Sleepy Hollow always had its weakness. The way they used their secondary characters, disposable and available when they were needed but then again, they had such amazing secondary characters. The cast is, to me, the most impressive asset of the show, closely followed by Ichabod’s lines. I’ll come back to Tom and Nicole but if it was the last episode I need to acknowledge how incredible Orlando Jones (Captain Irving), Katia Winter (Katrina Crane), Lyndie Greenwood (Jennie Mills), John Noble (Henry Parrish) and Neil Jackson (Abraham Van Brunt) were. And of course these actors were amazing on-screen but one of the most appreciated thing in the show is how they are also killing it on social media. Sleepy Hollow had been one of this show where the actors are very present online and even if some of their sayings were about marketing, a lot felt real. They are actors so I cannot be sure but I always felt that they genuinely love their show and their live tweet, BTS, pictures and their interactions with each other. When I think of this show I think of a team of friends who are having fun and work hard. It is something that I don’t feel in a lot of show.

But yeah, the show isn’t always the best but to anyone that never watched (I don’t think I need to convince anybody who is actually watching) go on Youtube and watch  the dialogues of Ichabod and Abbie. And then come back and thanks me for ruining you with English accent, sexyness and witty comments. Ichabod Crane made me laugh at every episode. So I let go of a lot of things because once again, you don’t see a show with so many amazing characters and a lead one who can do anything that he wants and still be awed at.

This episode was really interesting. Even if it was brief, the fact that Abbie is in 1781 was obviously going to be fun. I guess that we forget, I did, that she is a black woman and that in 1781, in America, well… She’s not exactly the most welcome guest. Plus, she’s wearing trousers and there is no way in hell that some soldiers are going to treat her like a slave. Her second first-meeting with Crane was pretty exciting. Last year she was the one who need hell of an argument to believe that Crane was more than 200 years old, now she needs to convince him that she  is a crazy slave who wants him to lose the war. Oh and that he needs to trust her and fight his beloved wife. Easy peasy. I loved the tension about her being 1. Black 2. Woman 3. Free. Even if it could have been really fun and really interesting to see her living in this year for quite some time (and still going back to the present time), to see how she would adjust to lay down a bit. I loved how she kicked the officer’s ass and how Franklin is thrilled by the perspective of a free black woman in the future. A shame he had to lose his head like that few minutes after, they would have made an awesome team.

About the end of the episode and the death of Katrina, I glad that she’s gone and I’m excited (if there is a third season) to see how Ichabod will cope with killing his wife. I never loved Katrina, not only because of Ichabbie but because she was too predictable and it was obvious from the moment we knew about Henry being her son that she would turn on Crane. It was just a matter of time. So in a way I guess that it could end there. Molock, Katrina and Henry had been killed, Irving got his soul back, everybody is in 2015 so it’s pretty much the best situation they had since the beginning of the show. But I’m sure they could find something to give us another 13 episodes.

The chemistry between the two lead actors, the awesomeness of the scripts (I’m talking about the dialogues, not the plots), the humour and Tom Mison (I need to be honest), I sincerely hope that the show will be renewed. If not, thanks you to the cast, the crew and the writers, it was a great adventure.



Strong parts:

– I was actually amazing to watch Abbie in 1781. Even in a reverse situation, her relationship with Crane remains amazing.

– This show made me screams at my computer « You cannot die Ben, you didn’t write the Declaration of Independence » while thinking about National Treasure and Nicolas Cage…

– I know it is a bad, reason but I need a third season now that Katrina is not in the picture anymore to ship Abbie and Ichabod together (a girl can dream, right?)


Weak parts:

– The time travelling story could have last for a longer time.

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