TV Show Review : Forever, Pilot


So, this is one of the new shows of ABC, the new procedural of the fall. And it’s quite perfect. Maybe too perfect. And especially too smooth. I don’t know if the network is already replacing Castle even though there’s still at least a season, but it’s almost the same. A playboy, a nice cop, New York, a team of M.E and sidekicks, seen and re-seen…

I wasn’t bored during the episode, the dialogue was good, the chemistry between the two main characters is obvious even at the beginning, the « immortality » of Henry is a great idea and the episode itself was working. I think the friend of Henry, the old guy could be very interesting to exploit and Ioan Gruffudd is a perfect match. I think that will be the reason that is going to keep me watching for a bit, as Ioan is perfect as the immortal seducer, the guy who knows everything, can speak any language and wants desperately to die.

The cop (played by Alana de la Garza, mostly know for her role in CSI:Miami and Law&Order Los Angeles) is yet to impress me, she’s not as badass as Beckett and not as likable as Lisbon and at some point the charm of Ioan won’t be enough to keep the show alive.

I’ll keep watching for few episodes, see if the show can find a place between the already crowded procedural genre but I feel like I’m cheating on Castle and I don’t like that.


Strong parts :

– Ioan Gruffudd is really convincing and has a role made for him

– The chemistry between the two main characters and the second roles

– Nice touch of supernatural plot but already few incoherences


Weak parts :

– A perfect episode doesn’t mean a great one. Too close from Castle and Mentalist

– Everything is going very quickly, understandable for a pilot but hopefully the rhythm will be different the next episode

– Last week the show was put after DWTS, a very nice lead-in but on a Monday and didn’t pass the 9 millions viewers, we’ll see what happens this week, on a Tuesday night (after Marvel, Agent of SHIELD.

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