TV Show Review: Castle, Mr. & Mrs. Castle, 8×08


When a case from the 12th Precinct becomes a clue for her case against LockSat, Kate has to deal with the consequences the investigation brings on her marriage.

I don’t know why I’m spending more time talking about Castle, maybe because he makes me so angry and sad to see how one of my favorite show turned to absolute shit. And I could just stop writing (badly) about it or even stop watching it. But I can’t. I can’t stop watching it because I want to see how their journey will end, I was with them for too long to stop now, I rarely stop a show that I’ve been watching for years except between seasons but as there are more chances for Daesh to preach freedom and peace than a season 9, I’ll watch until the end. And I’m not going to stop writing about it, even if I don’t do it as often now because I want to get it off my chest. And I still live in a free country.

I had moderate hope for this episode as it was the last one before the hiatus and we had a shift in the Caskett dynamic. Well, it was a mistake. Can someone pass the memo to the actors and the crew that when they are bored, we are bored? It kinda hurt to think about Stana and Nathan but mostly Stana. If she was tired of playing Kate Beckett and wanting more personal time for her or for others projects, then fine, it’s her absolute right but then why signing for a season 8? I love her and it’s not to send hate or anything but I’m watching her closely and there’s nothing in her acting, in her micro-expression that makes me feel anything else than ‘I don’t want to do this’. Nathan is acting comedy all the time so I guess it was what he wanted when he signed. But the last scene between the two? Awful. I’m not even talking about the script, I’ll get to that later, but the way they portray Castle and Beckett. I mean, we lose the extraordinary chemistry of the first seasons but still, there were some left last year. Right now, we have people who seems to cannot be in the same room together and cannot act properly to hide it. I watch it three times, focusing on each of them and then the general scene, it’s terrible. Where is the bank scene? Always? Where is the banter and the spark in their eyes from season 3?

And about the story, well, there no much to say. So, they are together again… But they still ‘hide’ their relationship to the rest of the world so basically they are meeting each other for sex and nothing else. So they are married but are basically having an affair. Why not, I mean, it’s not like they are against people with all the resources in the world, how could they find out that Beckett and Castle are together? I’m still baffled that the ‘I break up with you (but I see you daily) is because I need to protect you because if we are married and I’m living at the loft then the bad guys could hurt you but if we are married and I just come to the loft to have sex then you’re completely safe, they won’t know you matter to me’ can work for somebody.

More, I feel like I need to revise what I think about relationship and love. I don’t doubt that Castle and Beckett are in love and it makes them do stupid things. But I firmly believe in respect and honestly in a relationship especially when you’re married. But it must be only me. Because let’s sum up the situation really quickly:

– After four years of chasing, Castle and Beckett finally admit their feelings.

– Two years later, they decide to get married.

– One year later, they talk about having someday a baby.

– One year later, Beckett decided to have a little me-time and take a break from her relationship with Castle. She’s sad, he buy the most advanced A.I (after Jarvis) and decided to just keep on showing up, obviously she’ll fall back in love and it will be ok.

– For few weeks/months? they see each other at the precinct and occasionally for a booty call (because it sucks to be apart when it’s your first anniversary). Beckett is supposedly the Captain of the 12 but she’s doing exactly the same job than before but with a nicer desk, she tries to find some clues every three episodes and Castle is a clown.

– Castle understands that Beckett lied to him (again) and is a bit mad (but just a bit, because he is in love), Beckett realizes that if she has sex with Castle she still doesn’t have to act like they are in a relationship so it’s all good for her, she tells Castle than now she’s good to be with him (without really being with him) and Castle says OK after three terrible seconds. They kiss and we feel as many emotions as a broomstick.

Not OK.


There is nothing to save from the first part of this season 8.

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